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Welcome To Bow Tie Social

At Bow Tie Social, we know that you don’t have to be loud to stand out from the crowd. You can be outrageously extroverted or awkwardly coy, and absolutely anything in between, but while wearing Bow Tie Social, you will be noticed for simply being you. 

Close-up of blue jacket with bow tie on a hanger


Queensland based and family owned, our boutique company focuses on premium, bespoke bow ties, sourced worldwide. Ethically manufactured by hand picked suppliers, you can expect superior quality from Bow Tie Social.

Our team are a bunch of “helpers” and always wanting to lend a hand to our fellow man and broader community. At various times throughout each year we partner with some of our favourite organisations to help them raise some much needed bucks from a percentage of your bow tie purchases. This helps them to keep doing the incredibly selfless and generous things they do! This is really important to us! Our world can be a nasty old place sometimes, with judgement, illness and violence and we feel it’s our responsibility to reach out and contribute where we can. 

Stand out with us! 

Bow Tie Social team xxx